City of Selkirk Wastewater Treatment Plant Membrane Bioreactor System Supply

Opportunity Information

Organization: The Manitoba Water Services Board

Organization Address: Unit 1A - 2010 Currie Blvd. Brandon, MB R7B 4E7

Reference Number: MWSB 1392

Solicitation Type: RFP for Private Opening

Posting (MM/dd/yyyy): 06-15-2017

Closing (MM/dd/yyyy): 06-28-2017 before 12:00 noon prevailing Brandon time

Last Update (MM/dd/yyyy): 10-03-2017

Bid Information

Project Description:

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is for the 12 MLD Membrane Bioreactor System. The MBR System shall be capable of treating a peak flow of 12MLD (8 hours) with all membrane units in service at a mixed liquor temperature of 7oC to 18oC, having a firm capacity of 10.2 MLD (for seven days) at a temperature range of 7oC to 18oC under the specified operating conditions, and meeting the required effluent criteria as specified in this document.

Test Hole/Site Visit Meeting:

Tendering Authority Contact Information:

Robin Lytle
Construction Manager
Unit 1A - 2010 Currie Blvd.
Brandon, MB R7B 4E7
Tel: 204-726-6096
Fax: 204-726-6290

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